The Doodle Series was a fun Series to put together.  Each card was hand drawn.  So each card is special

Select one of the card links to see actual size and details.

DOOD129 valentine        DOOD123 dad         DOOD105 everyday

 DOOD129                              DOOD123                                DOOD105

DOOD125 time        DOOD111 gift           DOOD127 doodleday

 DOOD125                              DOOD111                                 DOOD127

DOOD115 mom        DOOD121 Dig2            DOOD101 reminder

 DOOD115                              DOOD121                                 DOOD101

DOOD113 big         DOOD117 anni             DOOD109 fav

 DOOD113                              DOOD117                                  DOOD109

DOOD107 just4u           DOOD119 miss u             DOOD131 hiss

DOOD107                               DOOD119                                 DOOD131

                                      DOOD102 cuppa





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