The "series in stripes" is a range of greeting cards that mixes old and new.

     The images bring an era that's passed and the stripes carry those images

     into the 21st centuary.  The range will continue to grow and adapt.

     so for now, "the ladies" invite you to join them .....

                                                     ..... because they know how to have fun.

                   To see the cards in more detail, select the code to enlarge the actual product.


tjstr101       tjstr103

TJ-STR-101                                                                           TJ-STR-103

                tjstr107     tjstr105

                TJ-STR-107                                                    TJ-STR-105

tjstr109     tjstr111

TJ-STR-109                                                                             TJ-STR-111

           tjstr117     tjstr119

           TJ-STR-117                                                          TJ-STR-119

tjstr115     tjstr113

TJ-STR-115                                                                             TJ-STR-113


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